165 people benefit from 40 temporary houses

165 people will benefit from 40 temporary houses handed over to them by Prime Minister Dr Lotay Tshering. Additional houses will be allocated in days to come. The temporary houses were built in Amochhu land Development and Township areas in Phuentsholing. The houses were built by armed forces, private firms and about 200 plus youths.

The construction came into place after His Majesty The King’s command, to help people living in Jaigaon during such time.

Around 2,000 Bhutanese living in Jaigaon have registered for a temporary house in Amochu and there are more than 5,000 people who are staying in schools in Phuentsholing for now.

To the gathering, Lyonchhen Dr Lotay Tshering said that COVID-19 has brought in a lot of impact globally as some lost jobs leaving them homeless. “His Majesty The King repeatedly said that the King and the government has to come up with a solution for safeguarding the people and country in such times,” he added.

“Everyone is aware of the difficult times we are having due to COVID-19. Our businesses aren’t going well. Knowing that people are suffering, His Majesty granted Kidu in different forms, of which one is construction of temporary houses at Amochu,” the PM said.

The PM said the COVID-19 Taskforce in Phuentsholing has worked hard to get the details on Bhutanese residing across Jaigaon whereby they could intervene on time.

He said, “This is for a temporary purpose. Therefore, you guys can look for job opportunities in other Dzongkhags and come up with plans and ideas as permanent solution. If there are such, you can approach Dzongda, Drungpa or Thrompon so that we can see if we can be of help.”

“I thank RBA soldiers and officers, private firms and 200 plus youths for working so hard and coming up with such a wonderful output,” he added.

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