175 arrested in three months for abusing and trafficking drugs

Thimphu police apprehended 175 people including 9 women for abusing and illicit trafficking of controlled substances. Of the total arrest 139 people were arrested for abusing while the rest, 36 people were arrested for illicit trafficking.

The arrests were made within the timespan of three months, March to May, this year. The youngest person arrested is a 14-year-old for both abusing and trafficking. The eldest arrested person is 39 years old for trafficking.

From the total arrest, police have seized 10, 114 capsules of SP+, 225 tablets of N10, 27 grams of hashish, 566 grams of dried marijuana (puriya) and 6 liters of thinner. Police said that it is becoming quite challenging because abusers are now more into abusing marijuana.

Police also said that marijuana is grown everywhere in the country, which contributes to higher number of abusers. However, they are working with local leaders in uprooting the marijuana plants in their respective areas.

All the arrested abusers were forwarded to BNCA for TAP while the 36 people are under detention for further investigation.

Meanwhile, on 19 June at around 11 pm, with the help of a tip-off, Thimphu police apprehended two suspects with a possession of 335 capsules of SP+ placed in their car.

They were arrested at the road junction towards JICA office. Both the suspects are from Mongar, aged 27 and 34 years old. The younger suspect tested positive for SP+ while the 34 years old suspect tested negative. Both of them are under police detention for further investigation.

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