An interesting mix in Zhemgang

Pema Dakpa

Pema Dakpa, 49, the incumbent NC holds a Master’s Degree in Science and Food Technology from Belgium and Bachelor’s Degree in science and Agricultural Engineering from Philippines. He worked for 14 years in the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests and managed the National Post Harvest Centre as Program Director. He also served as Member of Parliament in National Council of Bhutan and became the member of two standing committees, Public Accounts Committee and Economic Affairs Committee.

“Having effectively delivered the three main roles of parliament, legislation, oversight and representation, I have also established appropriate communication and connectivity practices with the people to address any constituency issues and I have proven my sincerity, strength and competence for accelerating the developmental activities in the constituency,” he said.

At the national level, he said, “I would like to safeguard the sovereignty and security of the country using my parliamentary experiences to strengthen the National Council, by making implementable laws and expediting the oversight function on the government in order to put the right policies in place and to ensure public money is spent meaningfully.”

At the Dzongkhag level he said he would like to underpin the facilitation of transparency and accountability of developmental activities and nurture the youth on farming enterprise for reducing poverty.

Sonam Leki

Sonam Leki, 38, with Bachelor’s Degree in Education is a teacher by profession. He also worked as Information Technology (IT) Administrator and Web Designer.

He said, “I came forward for people and for their choice to elect their right representative. I will listen to them, work with them and if necessary speak for them for inclusion and reviews of   rule of law. I promise to give my best service to people of Khengrig Nam Sum and the country at large”.

Dorji Cheten

Dorji Cheten, 38, holds an Honors’ Degree in Commerce from Sherubtse College and Master’s Degree in International Economics and Finance from Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok. He worked as a Branch Manager at Bhutan National Bank Limited (BNBL), Gelephu from 2003 till 2013. He also worked as Director of Karma Group of Companies.

He said, “I am in constant pursuit of serving the King, Country and People, thus National Council is the sacred parliamentary platform for my mission. I took part in the 2nd National Council Parliamentary Election in 2013 but I could not secure Gewog Damngoi Nomination from Phangkhar Geog. Yet it didn’t deter my hope and determination, rather it deepened my political commitment”.

If elected, he said, “I shall make National Council a highly respectable House of Review of the Parliament through intellectual discourse and debates”.

Sangay Dorji

Sangay Dorji, 57, holds Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration (Honors) from Punjab University, Chandigarh. He has a Professional Certificate in Indian Administrative Services from Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie. He did Post Graduate Diploma in Development Administration from Birmingham University, United Kingdom.

He served as Joint Director of Department of Immigration in the Ministry of Home and Culture Affairs (MOCHA). Before that, we worked in different Departments, Divisions, Dzongkhags, Dungkhag and Regional Offices under MOCHA for over 21 years. He also worked as Acting Dungpa, Dzongrab, Regional Director, Planning Officer and Census Officer.

He said, “National Council is the house of review, creating and reviewing Bhutanese legislation and requires people with wide experiences and qualifications. And I have a wide range of experience and knowledge, I can be an unwavering public servant to serve the government and people of Bhutan, particularly the people of Khengrig-Namdum in my most humble way”.

“I have many plans in my mind of which I will concentrate on rural development particularly developing small scale industries to improve the rural lives”, he said.


Rinchen, 51, holds a Master’s and Bachelor’s Degree in Forestry from the University of Philippine. He worked as Project Manager in Internationally funded RNR project and as a Regional Manager at National Resource Development Corporation Limited (NRDCL). He also worked as Dzongkhag Administrator and as Freelance Consultant.

He said, “People should vote for me for my experience, qualification, maturity and for the dzongkhag’s welfare.”

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  1. May the best and capable win.
    Hope people of khen rig nam sum understands the value of his or her vote to bring capable leaders.
    I wish we as an eligible voters vote for the best not for the relatives.
    All The Best to all the candidates oZhemgang

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