18 year old stabs a 23 year old for ‘staring’ at his girlfriend

Thimphu police arrested an 18 year old man for stabbing a 23 year old man. The arrest was made  after the RBP received a complaint from the complainant on 16th January.

The incident took place during an argument between the suspect and victim in a drayang. Both were drunk during the time of the incident.

Police said that, upon the interrogation of the suspect, he said that the main argument started when the victim was staring at his girlfriend and upon asking the reason a fight broke out between two of them.

In the middle of the fight, the suspect stabbed the victim with a kitchen knife whereby the knife broke from the middle and half of the knife was left inside the victim’s body.

Police said that, they took the victim to hospital and took out the remaining knife from the victim’s body and the victim is now in a stable condition.

The suspect is under custody and the police are still investigating the case.

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