Agriculture & tourism is main focus of Tsirang NC race

Hom Nath Thapa

Hom Nath Thapa, 30, from Gosarling gewog has a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce from Gaeddu College of Business Studies, after which he remained back in village as an educated farmer.

If elected, he said, he would review the central school policy. He also pointed out for the need to review the agriculture policy to strengthen mass agricultural production, create employment and prevent rural-urban migration. “I will render my sincere support to frame a tourism policy to boost income for people from all walks of life. It’s my dream to make Tsirang the best tourist destination.”

He said his decision to contest for NC is to answer the nation’s call in making a young democracy strong, with representation at the grassroots community.

Dhan Kumar Sunwar

Dhan Kumar Sunwar, 31, from Tsirangtoed holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and is an entrepreneur.

He pledged to solve public issues at individual level by working closely with the grassroots section of the people. “Laws are already framed for the country’s security and for people’s benefit, and therefore, I would like to review laws for amendment- if it may affect a large section of people.”

“Agriculture policy is very important for the large section of people, especially in Tsirang, as it is the place for best agricultural products, which is why I want to propose extensive review of the agricultural policy.” He said, he would encourage a skill-based education policy.

Sangay Tamang

Sangay Tamang, 34, from Tsholingkhar gewog has a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from North Bengal University in 2009. He worked in a travel agency, managed a cable firm and stayed on the farm for the last three years.

If given an opportunity, he said, there is a need to pass an organic farming bill. “Tsirang, is a well-known region for organic farming and so people need a little more support in promoting the organic products, and getting better market value to boost economic development.”

He also said he would work and offer guidance to improve the legislation process based on his experiences.

Nim Karma Sherpa

The eldest candidate among the 12, Nim Karma Sherpa, 54, from Rangthaling gewog holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Canberra. He has a BA general from Sherubtse College. He has 13 years of work experience as a civil servant. He also worked in UNICEF and SAARC- SAIEVAC.

His primary focus is to engender a well informed and educated populace about the legislature, the parliamentary process and the collective role of nation building through an unquestionable allegiance to the Tsa-Wa-Sum. “Subsequently, I have proposed public service delivery, youth employment and entrepreneurship and community vitality as the three top agenda for review.”

Kencho Wangmo

The lone female candidate, Kencho Wangmo, 41, from Tsirang Thromde holds a Master of Science in Forest Ecology from the University of Queensland, Australia. She worked as a teacher and as a lecturer in Sherubtse College for a total of 18 years. “Besides teaching, I’m a keen researcher with a couple of research publications, in both national and international journals.”

Her main reason for contesting is due to the under representation of women in the Parliament. “I would like to provide the vital support to the vulnerable groups by making conscious gender-balanced, need- based policy reviews.” According to Kencho Wangmo, the vulnerable groups not only includes the special needs people, senior citizens and youth, but also women.

Lok Nath Tiwari

The 30-year-old from Phungtenchhu gewog has been into farming practice for the last five years after his graduation in B.Sc in Electronics and Communication System from Bharathair University in Tamil Nadu.

“I am keenly interested in making possible changes needed in the constituencies.” His vision is to be a principled apolitical figure in vibrant democracy to promote the wellbeing of the King, Country and People.

“Bhutan has advantageous fertile land so we can study the soil and provide solutions to boost commercial farming which will create self-sufficiency.”

If one thing is to be changed, he said, it would be the integrity and mentality of the youth to change the nation as a whole.

Nado Rinchen

Nado Rinchen, 30, from Barshong gewog holds a Bachelor’s in Primary Education from Paro College of Education. He worked under Department of Civil Aviation for five years and worked as a teacher before.

“I would consult and create awareness among people about the benefits and functions of laws keeping in mind with the changing time.”

“I would ensure any amendments or changes in laws or acts in line with the Constitution of the country.”

Tara Bir Chuwan

The 36-year-old businessman from Doonglagang gewog holds a BA (Honours) Degree in Economics and General Political Science. He worked with National Statistical Bureau as an enumerator and editor, and as a manager in the construction industry for two years.

He said, “I will work as the bridge between the public and the government in the best possible way, so as to look upon the welfare of the public and reduce poverty in small ways, is my keen interest.”

Sonam Tobgay

Sonam Tobgay, 29, from Sergithang gewog holds a Bachelor in Commerce. He worked as a coordinator with Department of Roads (DoR), and as an operating officer with Thimphu Thromde and a manager with the Hyosung Corporation.

Fight against crime with policy formulation at local level, sensitization on negative effects of nepotism and rooting-out corruption are some of his pledges.

His priority areas are to enhance mechanized farming and productivity, and to empower the senior citizens.

Ramesh Chhetri Bhandari

This 32-year-old from Mendrelgang gewog holds a Bachelor of Commerce. He has worked as an accountant in a private firm and as a tour guide, and a broker in the ginger business.

“I got involved with the lifestyle of a farmer, and it was then that, I realized the life in the village is very difficult, but there’s more to it than hardships.” He added that he wants to play the crucial role finding solutions to ease the problems in the lives of the farmers. “I would like to reignite the love for farming and encourage people to get involved in agriculture,” he said.

Tashi Norbu

Tashi Norbu, 38, from Patshaling gewog holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. He worked as a customer service representative for a multinational company in Bangalore, India for ten years, and as a golf course manager and freelance tour guide.

His priority area would be to promote eco-tourism in Tsirang, showcasing the natural trails and diverse culture.

Migma Dorji Lama

Migma Dorji Lama, 30, from Kilkhorthang gewog holds a Master’s in International Business. He worked as a sales executive in Kuwait.

If elected, he said, he said he will ensure there is transparency in framing legislative and revenue policies, and neutralizing the gap between the rich and poor. His other priority area would be to promote agriculture and tourism.

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