Progress in the 11th plan in numbers : State of the Nation Report


  • Domestic revenue increased to 142 bn in the 11th FYP from Nu 88 bn in the 10th FYP
  • The Government received the largest grant so far amounting to Nu 70 bn as compared to Nu 50 bn in the 10th FYP
  • The fiscal deficit of the 11th FYP stands at Nu 2.6 bn 1.3% of the GDP while the 10th FYP left a deficit of Nu 4.1 bn or 5.8% of GDP.
  • Poverty rates have brought down to 8.2% in 2017 from 12% in 2012
  • GDP today at Nu 180 bn today compared to Nu 100 bn in 2013. One of the fastest growing economies in the world.
  • Ease of doing business ranking improved to 75th in 2018 to 142nd in 2013
  • 38 FDI projects worth Nu 8.3 bn approved as compared to 30 FDIs in 2013
  • 255,000 tourist recorded over five years which brought in revenues worth 8.4 bn in 2017
  • Hydro projects like Kholongchhu and Nikachhu initiated
  • Reduced overall unemployment figures from 2.9% in 2013 to 2.4% 2018 (PHCB) Government spent 1.2 bn in facilitating employment of 32,000 youths


  • Loan interest rates reduced from an average of 13.41% in 2013 to 10.60% in 2017 resulting in Nu 3.2 bn in savings for private sector
  • Domestic saving doubled to Nu 28.1 bn as compared to 14.8 bn in 2013
  • Foreign exchange reserves increased from US$ 920 mn in 2013 to US$ 1.2 bn
  • Indian Rupee reserves stand at Rs 18.6 bn as compared to 1.5 bn in 2013
  • BDBL disbursed Nu 7 bn in loans to rural areas as compared to 2.2 bn in the 10th FYP
  • Domestic credit has increased from Nu. 57 billion in 2013 to Nu. 105 billion showing expansion of private sector and increase in economic activities.

Rural development

  • A total of 176 gewog center roads blacktopped, 5,400 kms roads constructed, and a total of 11,200 kms of farm roads in the country
  • 8000 off-road utility vehicles purchased during the 11th FYP as compared to 3000 during the previous plan which helped in marketing farmers produce with ease
  • 147 gewogs have regular bus services due to improved road connectivity
  • 99.9% (12,000) households have been electrified as compared to 88% in the 10th FYP
  • 92,000 rural households provided with 100 units of free electricity amounting to Nu 355 mn a year
  • 5010 households provided with biogas and LPG distributed in 84 gewogs
  • 5,545 villages connected with mobile network with accessibility of 4G in all dzongkhags and 3G in 169 gewog centers
  • Income from Agriculture increased from Nu 17 bn in 2012 to Nu 26 bn in 2017
  • 1,200 power tillers distributed, 2800 km of electric fencing carried out, 2600 km irrigation channels built
  • REDCL approved about 3800 projects so far
  • 187 farm shops established with the purpose of supporting local economies
  • 200 gewogs banks opened, 13,571 bank accounts have been opened by rural based clients who deposited Nu 178 mn as savings

Education and health

  • Literacy rate increased to 71.4% and youth literacy at 93% in 11th FYP
  • 63 central schools established
  • 200 ECDs established
  • Curriculum of all subjects has been improved for classes PP to 12 after review
  • In 2016 and 2017 all teachers including those in private schools were provided professional development at a total cost of Nu. 215 million.
  • 5 colleges were established during the current plan
  • Built 6 new hospitals and 28 BHUs
  • Total number of doctors increased from 203 in 2013 to 345 in 2018
  • Introduction of helicopter services for medical evacuations .Revenue worth Nu 163 mn earned from helicopter services
  • Bhutan Health Trust Fund has 2.4 bn in funds to fund health programs
  • Total number of nurses and health assistants have increased from 1,254 in 2013 to 2,364 in 2018 with most BHUs having at least one female health assistant

Infrastructure, Transport and others

  • Reduced the fuel prices by passing on the full benefits to the people
  • 385 km East West Highway widening initiated and almost nearing completion
  • Renovations of major dzongs underway and 2000 chortens renovated
  • Bhutan for Life fund established
  • Introduced Government Performance Management System and signed APA to bring out better performances

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