19-year-old homeless youth arrested for burglary

Thimphu police have arrested a 19-year-old youth from Zangtopelri area on February 1st at around 6:30 am. The suspect is from Tsirang and is unemployed. The initial complaint was lodged on January 31st at around 8:15 AM by a shop owner in the Zangtopelri area.

The suspect entered the grocery shop from the main entrance. He broke open the lock of the main gate of the shop, and made a hole through the second door which was made out of plank. The suspect then used his hand to open the interlock from inside.

Police said that since he tried to use his hand to open the interlock from inside, he cut his hand and left blood stains at the crime scene. Police have managed to get hold of him from the CCTV footage from a nearby place. Police said the suspect committed the crime at around 4 am in the morning. The complainant lost Nu 1200 from the cash counter and few grocery items. Police could recover only Nu 400 from the suspect.

The suspect did not have any relatives in Thimphu. Since he did not have a place to stay, he used to stay in an empty open space (underground) in one of the buildings opposite to RICBL as his.

Varieties of grocery items were witnessed in his ‘hideout’, the police said. The suspect is under detention for further investigation.

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