2-day Bhutan film festival in Sikkim

A 2-day film festival titled “Bhutan Film Festival” will be organized from 23 – 24 June 2018, in Gangtok, Sikkim, India, as a part of the celebration to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of Formal Diplomatic Relations between Bhutan and India.

The event is being organized by the Ministry of Information & Communications, Royal Government of Bhutan, in collaboration with the Film Association of Bhutan (FAB), with facilitation support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Royal Government of Bhutan, Embassy of India in Bhutan, and the Government of Sikkim, India.

Bhutan will be represented by the officials from the Ministry of Information & Communications and members from the Film Association of Bhutan.

A total of six popular Bhutanese films will be screened followed by panel discussions with the film professionals, producers and directors.

Film festival will bring together citizens of the two countries in a special atmosphere of celebration.

In addition, film festival also intend to further strengthen the friendly relationship between two countries, showcase Bhutan’s efforts towards the preservation and promotion of distinctive culture, tradition and language and establish networks and distribution links.

Organized for the first time, the “Bhutan Film Festival” in Sikkim will mark the commencement of Bhutanese film festivals abroad.

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