2 lives lost in Samtse due to Monsoon

The monsoon season was delayed this time by a week but with the onset of monsoon, it brought in a lot of damages and even took lives of two people. One of the majorly affected area as such was Dorokha.  The continuous heavy rainfall which led to flood and landslides caused major damages to highways, farm roads, paddy fields and few houses in Dorokha.

According to Lyonpo Loknath Sharma who visited the affected sites in Dorokha on the 30th June said that he went there because two lives were lost and such mishaps never happened before. He also added that paddy fields which are located next to the roads have also been badly affected. Even the Samtse- Haa highway as hit too.

The concerned officials have already been informed in the Dzongkhag to submit the report so that the funds for relief can be mitigated at the earliest.

Farm roads are damaged all over Samtse so it might take some time to restore but main highway and gewog roads have been cleared. The cut off farm roads are affecting farmers who want to sell their produce like ginger and other items.

Lyonpo said that they are more concerned about disasters like this does not happen in the future.

Around 5 houses have also been evacuated as it was destroyed since it was located in a disaster prone area. Dorokha Drungpa Karma Jurmi said that all farm roads are blocked and vehicles are stranded.

‘’Cultivation is taking place but some paddy fields have been completely destroyed. The main source of livelihood here in Dorokha comes from paddy field cultivation and cardamom business.’’

Farmers who have lost their paddy fields will be substituted with another land given they ask the Dzongkhag. No destruction has taken place in school so it is functional.

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