2 Students in Paro College of Education charged with gang rape

Two male students studying in the Paro College of Education have allegedly raped a young woman who was a friend of one of the suspects. They were supposedly under the influence of alcohol.

According to sources, after completing the exams, the man who was a friend of the woman invited her to his house where they hung out as drinking buddies.

The woman who was drunk went to bed and passed out. Her friend raped here while she was still passed out. Then the other person also did the same but this time she regained consciousness and found out what was happening.

The Paro police investigated the matter and forwarded the case to the Office of Attorney General (OAG) for prosecution.

The two students were arrested but given bail and are now even attending the college. The college has not even suspended the two from the campus.

For now, the young woman is undergoing counselling.

According to the section 187 of the Penal Code of Bhutan, a defendant shall be guilty of offence of gang rape where two or more persons engage in raping another person.

The offence of gang rape shall be a felony of the second degree which is a term of minimum nine years and a maximum of less than fifteen years.

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