2,001 applicants register for Build Bhutan Project so far

As of August 1, there are 2001 registered applicants, 1,204 for engagement and 797 for skilling with the Build Bhutan Project (BBP). A total of 1,494 applicants are job seekers, out of which 516 are female and 978 are male.

390 applicants are laid off comprising of 155 females and 235 males and 117 applicants are overseas returnee of whom there are 61 are female and 56 are males.

716 applicants are class XII pass followed by 402 who are class X pass and 262 applicants are general graduates. 7 applicants with master’s degree has also applied for the Build Bhutan Project (BBP) and 50 applicants are illiterate.

Labour Minister Ugyen Dorji highlighted the progress of BBP and shared the outcome of the project after its inception.

So far the BBP under the ministry has employed 216 individual whereby 85 are female and 131 are male. A total of 138 participants are allocated for skilling in various technical institutions in the country.

While the employers in the country demanded for around 3,206 workers the Labour Minister said the ministry could give opportunity to 354 individuals for now. He said within this short period of time, the ministry could employ and engage 354 individuals and that is a huge number. The ministry is expecting more individuals would come forward, said the Labour Minister.

The first 354 who are employed and engaged in various TTIs will help the ministry to identify the challenges faced by them and resolve them and prepare for the next batch.

Most of the employers registered with the MoLHR are seeking for skilled workers especially for mason and welder. However, unskilled workers are also wanted. Out of 216 individuals employed, 128 are employed in Thimphu and 64 in Wangduephodrang.

Meanwhile Labour Minister shared the challenges of BBP that most of the participants are hesitant to register for the project.

One reason is that they either waiting for better opportunities or waiting to go abroad and another reason is that the employers look for skilled workers. However, the ministry is hopeful that BBP will help ease unemployment in the country.

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