Market sheds will ease Rupee-generated inconveniences

The construction of two 18 meter-wide and five meter-tall, market sheds are going underway in the gewog for people to sell their products. The market sheds are built to accommodate 24 people.

Gup Ganga Prasad Limbo said people in the gewog have to purchase from across the border where ‘Rupee’ is in demanded, otherwise it means extra payment in the Bhutanese currency.

“Some still go to buy from border areas while some go to faraway places to buy the vegetables,” said the Gup.

He said e saiHe saidHthese market sheds will hopefully help to solve these problems.

The gewog has about 525 households.

(Tashi Deki)


Finally! No more cows in the classroom

With completion of  the construction of class rooms in Baershung, Naro gewog a tutor and his 12 students have been studying in a proper classroom.

Till date they did not have a proper school so they were put-up in a cow shed which was made up of mud and stone.

Last year the school had 11 students and one teacher. With the new academic session the school will have 2 more students and the school teaches till the third grade.

The Nu 0.9mn school construction covering an area of 5 acres started in March and was completed by May.

(Thinley Wangmo)


Potato land falls short of potatoes 

The Chapchaps who produce truckloads of potatoes year-on-year, are most likely to fall short in terms of the usual huge scale productions.

The gewog has received very less rainfall this year and potato plants have already dried up. The villagers have approached the RNR center for help.

Usually each household in Chapcha produces a minimum of one DCM-truckload of potatoes. This year however, the gewog is braced for huge loss as the yields are very poor.

The situation has left the people in a dilemma whether to start with other works or not, as they expect rainfall in coming days.

Nonetheless, the gewog Gup said, they are hopeful for rain in coming days. He said, people have also offered offerings to their deities for the rainfall.

(Thinley Wangmo)


Dramitse builds from scratch after natural calamities

Severe floods in the month of April have damaged all the water sources and farm roads in the gewog.

Gup Tshering Dorji said water sources in the Gewog were cleared after three days of calamity by using construction materials from some of the cement agencies.

People from all the villages came together for the maintenance of the water source as it was filled with chunks of mud and rocks.

Around two acre of potato cultivated land in one village was washed away and Yangkartshing was the mostly affected area.

The Gup said that the credit escalated to Nu 0.18mn since the Gewog had to construct farm roads for three villages; Baging, Yarchur and Yangkartshing.

Farm roads for Baging and Yarchur were completed while Yangkartshing farm road is still pending since the budget is not available.

“We will present all the bills in Gewog Tshogde since we didn’t get the budget from the disaster management department,” said the Gup.

After the June closing, the Gewog Tshogde has plans to give compensation to the farmers whose lands suffered damages.

(Thinley Wangmo)


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