23 gamblers arrested by police for questioning

Gambling is considered a very serious offence in Bhutan, but with laws being lenient, gamblers tend to take advantage of the law, and it is going on rampantly in the capital. Under the Penal Code of Bhutan, the offence of gambling is classified under a petty misdemeanor.

Thimphu police launched a large raid on a gambling den, which was operating in the Hongkong Market area during late afternoon time yesterday, where 23 people were arrested and questioned to verify their involvement in the gambling business.

On questioning it was found that 14 of the arrested people were involved in gambling while the rest of them were helpers and observers.

Out of 14, four involved in gambling were women.

One of the police officers said that they acted based on a complaint they received from a complainant who had walked inside the police station to lodge the complaint.

According to the complainant, the statement given to the police, it was said that the gambling was taking place for quite some time.

It was also learnt that the rented apartment was empty and to be converted into a grocery shop, but due to some problems the plan was delayed.

Police recovered Nu 337 from the cashbox.

When the raid was launched, police had found some of them gambling cards while some of them engaged in playing parala (dice game).

Additional information could not be gathered from the police as they were in the process of collecting information from the suspects involved.

As of now, the suspects have been sent on surety and the case is still under investigation.

Chencho Dema / Thimphu


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  1. Arrested for gambling only Nu.337.

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