Lamgo / Paro

Free seeds for farmers

Although in favor of the people, the vegetable seed distribution at the gewogs in Paro has gone off the government’s plans.

Due to less demand the government has now started free distribution of the seeds. When the system was introduced the government was supposed to cover the 40% while the buyer had to cover 60% of the actual price of the seeds.

The Geog agriculture extension officers at the dzongkhags said that the refund of the 60% of the price paid by the villagers who bought seeds before the free distribution will not be possible.

(Yeshey Tshewang)




Gewogs wait eight years for farm road  

A 31 km farm road has completed eight years in construction but the farm road is nowhere near the horizon of completion

The farm road which will have wholesome benefits for the two gewogs of Sombaykha and Gakhiling started construction in 2004. Only 15 kms out of the 31 kms has been completed so far on the construction.

Earlier the Dzongkhag looked after the construction but it was handed over to a contractor. The road is expected to finish by the end 2013.

“We don’t think that the farm road would benefit us because there is not much work done so far and during winter the road is covered with snow. Likewise in summer it is too muddy to travel,” said Thinley who is a former Gup.

In the absence of the road, the whole point of trade becomes worthless for the villagers whose transportation charges overrun profits earned at the end of the day. The villagers pay Nu 1555 as charges for transportation of goods on horseback to Sibsoo in Samtse.

(Dawa Zangmo)


Loggchina / Chhukha

Speeding up to meet the deadline

To meet the deadline by June, the gewog is speeding up their development activities.

Almost 70% of the Rural Water Supply Scheme (RWSS) is completed and the gewog is left with two more schemes which are on-going.

Other works include constructions of two Lhakhangs which is funded by Royal Government of Bhutan (RGoB) with budget of Nu two mn.

The spring quotation which is meant for three to four households which is separately located from other households, the RWSS has been completed.

The Gewog Connectivity (GC) road of seven kms is completed from Samaldhara to Hatigar whereas GC road of 11 km from Dajegang to Loggchhina is an on-going activity. The budget for the GC road is about Nu 20mn.

Gup Indra Lal Ghalley said “11 km GC road which started in January this year will be completed by 2013.”

The Gewog has about 380 households.

(Tashi Deki)



Laya / Gasa

Laya deserted for cordyceps

The scantily populated Laya region presently wears a doubly-deserted look as cordyceps season comes-a-calling.

Three people from each household have left to collect the commercially valued fungus and would remain in the field till July.

The gewog Gup Kinley Dorji said the gewog is left with old age people, students and civil servants.

He said that a person below 16 is not allowed to collect cordyceps since they lose interest in studies as it is a money-making activity.

The Layaps would be crossing Lingzhi, Lunana and even international borders to collect the Cordyceps.

“This year the harvest will be lower as compared to last year due to less rainfall,” said Gup Kinley Dorji.

Layaps earn around Nu 0.5mn individually and it would be sold through tendering process in Gasa.





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