25 Areas for action by DCT if it wins the 2013 race

Lily Wangchhuk
Lily Wangchhuk

In a press conference yesterday, the Druk Chirwang Tshogpa (DCT) told the local media that the party has identified 25 areas of action for a multi-dimensional approach toward development.

The Party president Lily Wangchhuk said the selected 25 areas of action are all interconnected and interrelated.

“Therefore our approach is multidimensional,” she said. Henceforth, every Thursday DCT will call for a press conference to discuss their 25 areas of action. The Party President said that the other parties might have the same approach but DCT’s approach is different.

“Even if we fail to win the 2013 election, we would probably raise the issues through media, discuss the issue in parliament and conduct bilateral discussions,” she said. These 25 points would be kept alive.

She added that these actions are based on consultations with the stakeholders and it also represents the current challenges faced by the country. “Indeed it’s the outcome of the personal reflection and brainstorming of the members,” she said.

In addition, she said that to solve the issues or the challenges DCT encourages a participatory approach. “Whenever we identify the issues, solutions or the remedies would come from the stakeholders through proper brainstorming,” she said.

The first strategy of DCT is to establish and advance transparent and accountable governance with active citizenry. DCT believes that the essence and purpose of democracy is defeated if governance is not accountable and if people’s participation is not encouraged.

The second strategy is to promote vibrant democracy with strong, independent media and civil society. DCT after consultations with the stakeholders concluded that Bhutan needs vibrant conscience-keepers who can operate without fear.

The DCT would encourage research, innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship and promote economic prosperity and self-reliance. This would ensure equity, balanced regional development and the sustainable use of natural resources.

The party would minimize inequalities of income, concentration of wealth and promote equitable distribution of public facilities in different regions of the country. With that, DCT’s approach would be people-centric and address socio-economic gaps between regions, Dzongkhags and people.

With a female president, DCT draws their strength on multi-dimensional perspective and approach toward any policy decision made by the party. The party would also promote greater participation of women with gender-responsive policies and family-friendly policies.

They said that women enable understanding of the current issues and challenges in the country not only from the physical dimension but also from a multi-dimensional perspective covering psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects.

Another strategy of DCT is empowering youth for progressive Bhutan. They would provide opportunities for youth to enhance their interests, skills and abilities into their adulthoods.

For this, the party would construct an appropriate structure; creating supportive relationships, provide positive social norms and opportunities for skill building based on scientific research.

Further the party has set a target to make the society lively and free of social issues. They would ensure the regions to have access to basic necessities such as safe drinking water, food, shelter, healthcare and education, safeguard the rights and freedom of people.

Improving rural population is one of the actions set within the 25 points. It would be done through infrastructural development programs, better connectivity, rural employment, enhancement of economic opportunities, alleviating poverty and addressing human wildlife conflict (HWC) by promoting and supporting research into effective HWC solutions.

If DCT happens to win the election they would encourage excellence in  service delivery and foster private sector development with supportive environment for its growth.

Rooting out corruption by correcting and addressing the systematic flaws and enhance awareness is another area set for action. Above all DCT would promote friendly relations and good will with the international community on the basis of peace, cooperation and sovereign equality of peace.

In order to promote international peace and security they would foster international law and treaty obligations and encourage settlement of international disputes by peaceful means.





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  1. I will certainly vote for DCT as I believe in aum lily wangchuk. She is an inspiration for many young peoppl. god bless her and DCT

  2. Every Bhutanese citizen can exercise their secret voting rights. But being “Sangwai tshogen” one should not disclose to which party or candidate one wanna vote or voted. Some of the authors in forum seems trying to influence the mind of voters which they doesn’t know that voters are already aware of it. If you or your party wanna win the election, blame game strategy will not work but by winning heart of the people.

  3. While DCT’s 25 points must be appreciated they should also formulate their stand on issues like rupee cruch, credit crisis, gyelpozhing, trowa theater, foreign policy and others. Also while DCT  was the first party to be registered it does not seem to have enough heavyweights in the party apart from Lily herself. If DCT is serious about taking on DPT then they should get some other strong leaders in the party. But these are early days and DCT is still a contender. 

  4. Politics is an art of possibilities. My request to new political parties is to unite and put up credible fight to the ruling party. Bhutan is too small to have place for five political parties. It would be very difficult task to enlist credible and honest candidate for all five parties. We simply do not have numbers.


    • let us all wait till primary round and if the new party gets elected please 3 new parties try to put the most trustworthy, active, doable people so that our nation really grows.

  5. It should also include census with different category n land issue.

    • yes help our southrn and eastern friends…make these disequilibirum to equilimrmum…so that equality really exist in bhutan..i guess all bhutanese should be treated equally…i have seen my friends from those areas suffering like in hell. do pull them to heaven…

  6. I have nothing but admiration for lily wangchuk for her outstanding leadership ability. she will be great leader for bhutan too and i pray for her siucess

  7. Yes carry on DCT..we are waiting for you and the other 2 new parties….take the race.

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