260 peach saplings to celebrate His Majesty’s birthday

Inspired by the famous Sakura festival, the annual Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan, Clean Bhutan will plant 200 peach saplings in Tashi Yangtse and 60 Peach saplings in Autsho, Mongar, to celebrate the 37th Birth Anniversary of His Majesty the King.

Clean Bhutan will be undertaking the project with the concept, ‘Clean and Beautiful’, to encourage people to keep their surroundings refreshing and clean.

The peach saplings will be planted around Chorten Kora and in the Dzong area in Tashi Yangtse and in the vicinity of the town in Autsho.

“House-owners dwelling around the plantation area will plant a sapling each and they’ll take ownership and nurture them for at least three years,” said Clean Bhutan’s CEO Nedup Tshering. “If saplings are found to have been neglected or dead, they’ll be asked to replace it.”

The Dessups in Tashi Yangtse will monitor and inform the concerned person if the saplings are not being properly cared. The saplings in Autsho will be monitored by the gup there.

Clean Bhutan procured funds for the 200 peach saplings for Tashi Yangtse through the Small Grant Project under UNDP and 60 saplings for Autsho through Bhutan Trust Fund.

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