2,730 graduates in 2015 NGOP

The 2015 National Graduates Orientation Program (NGOP) will see 2,730 graduates participating compared to the 2,308 last year. There will be 1,408 males and 1,322 females from 13 countries and around 177 different courses.

The NGOP this year shows the ever growing numbers of graduates who will be looking for jobs. In 2009 there were 1,264 graduates who came for NGOP.

The theme for the 2015 NGOP is “The Future of the nation lies in the hands of our younger generations. It is, therefore, crucial that they live up to our expectations and ensure the continued well-being (of the people) and security of the nation” as said by His Majesty The Fourth Druk Gyalpo.

The maximum graduates will be from Bhutan at 1,490 followed closely by those from India at 1,138.

Like last year, this year NGOP will also be conducted in the form of panel discussion with participation from different agencies and graduates.

Day one on 30th August will see registration and student councilor elections. 31st August will be the opening followed by classes on Driglam Namzha which will flow into 1st September. 2nd September will see students getting a two hour each class on subjects like Culture and Tradition, Security and Sovereignty and Good Governance.

3th September will be two sessions of meet the ministers followed by one on economic development. 4th September will have two sessions on youth and employment followed by one on democracy in Bhutan. 5th September will have sustainable management, disaster management and social activity planning.

6th September will witness an address by the Prime Minister followed by social activity.

On 7th September NGOP will have an audience with His Majesty the King followed by the closing of the NGOP.

The purpose of NGOP is to orient the graduates on the policies, governance, external affairs and to provide critical appraisal of social and economic issues of the nation. It aims to offer a comprehensive orientation on the culture, traditions and etiquettes of the country.

The NGOP provides a forum for the graduates to interact and share ideas of national concerns, develop leadership and promote positive values among the graduates through personal development programs and promote a sense of patriotism.

It also seeks to enhance employability of the graduates by providing comprehensive awareness on labour market information.

Of the graduates the maximum number are in the field of commerce with 308 graduates with BBA, 221 with B.Com in Finance, 168 in B.Com General and 130 in B.Com Accounting.

There are around 84 BE Civil Engineers and 40 BE Electrical Engineers.

There 61 potential lawyers with LLB law degrees. There are 25 bachelors in Architecture and around 19 Journalism or media graduates. There are also 28 MBBS graduates.

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