Proposals for the 11th five year plan 

The Gewog has completed about 88% of development works for the 10th Five Year Plan.

Recently Rural Water Supply Scheme (RWSS) works were completed and the only pending works include the maintenance of a Nye in Bukey.

For the 11th five year plan of 2013, the proposals are underway such as 25 kms of farm roads, one or two maintenance in RWSS, cultural works such as maintenance of Lhakhangs and ‘ Nyes’ and civil works like the Out-Reach Clinics (ORC), irrigation are underway in the gewog.

(Tashi Deki)


Water shortage in Nation’s Rice bowl

The Rice Bowl of the country, Radhi, in Trashigang dzongkhag faces severe water shortage for paddy cultivation which concerns 600 acres of cultivable paddy land.

Although the gewog has great potential for rice production, farmers get disappointed with inadequate water supply to the paddy-filled land.

More than 90 % of the farmers in Radhi cultivate paddy as it is the main source of income and in the previous years the paddy harvest was very abundant.

The farmers also earn good cash income from paddy cultivation.

With dry monsoon and inadequate water this time, the farmers are worried about the production, and the surplus which they keep for self-consumption after they sell.

However the harvest depends on the availability of water until they gather in November.

Farmers are on the lookout for various means to connect water to their paddy fields.

(Tanden Zangmo)

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