Electricity and Road facilities left on the Way

The time-period for the road repairs and damage repairs to install electrical structures, following the recent flood, could be prolonged till next year in Laya.

The works to set-up structures for electrical wirings in Khamaed gewog was disrupted by flood and landslides in Khamaed gewog under Gasa dzongkhag.

The actual deadline to complete the road construction was 2012, but it was further postponed to 2013 due to some delay done by environment surveyors.

Gewog gup Kinley Dorji said they got the environment clearance on 19 July to construct the road but to procure materials and equipments would be impossible unless the road in Khamaed is cleared.

However, he said the half of the materials to install electricity reached Laya months ago and electricity poles were fixed on the way as a launching ceremony.

Department of Roads under Ministry of Works and Human Settlement has started maintenance works on the road.

(Thinley Wangmo)


Heavy rain cuts-off Korphu

Heavy rainfall in Korphu has caused major landslides and damages in Korphu regions.

In Reutala severe landslides have left 16 kms of farm road in a derelict condition which poses imminent danger for people in the community.

According to Gup Tsheltrim Dorji huge chunks of soil have washed-up on the farm road and boulders continuously fall on the road.

“Forget about vehicles, even horses and men cannot ply through that road as it is slippery and filled with heaps of mud and boulders,” he said.

The road needs to be maintained continuously but he said that it’s of no use to clear as landslides are frequent and budget is limited.

However, people had hoarded all the necessary items and are prepared in some ways for the event which happens annually.

Falling boulders have also crashed procured equipments to build a bridge in Mangdechhu and covered it under huge layers of mud.

The bridge to be constructed under Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) would be launched next year.

(Thinley Wangmo)


Gozhips Drenched after Continuous Rainfall

Incessant rainfall has inundated the Gozhi lands with muddy water.

According to the Gozhi community, few months back they experienced a severe drought and now with the rainfall their paddy fields are submerged with sand, mud and gravels.

“Around 15 acres of paddy field are destroyed due to severe rainfall,” said the Gup Prem Kumar Dahal. In addition to that a chunk of land was washed away.

He added that around two kilometers of farm road was washed way while maintaining a farm road in Baley gewog.

Although there were no major casualties, three school students suffered minor injuries while a 16 year-old student was severely injured and referred for medical attention.

The gewog Gup said the students were on their way home while they slipped from the road and fell on a tractor, stationed alongside the road for maintenance works.

(Thinley Wangmo)


Gewog deprived of road and electricity

Without electricity and road connectivity the village of Bardo gewog which has almost 4000 population faces severe problems every day.

Bardo Gewog is three days walk from the nearest road point and people have to make night-halts on the way. “During times of emergency like delivery and sickness it is very difficult for us,” said Gup Kinzang Namgay.

Around 70% of villagers depend upon maize while 30% on rice. In the absence of road connectivity, villagers are not able to take their produces for sale. If it was possible, the income generated would help to improve their living standards.

Electricity poles have already reached the village and it might take another four to five months to light up their homes.

(Dawa Zangmo)

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