293 beneficiaries in Reverse Isolation Facilities

Of the 51 COVID-19 positive patients in the Reverse Isolation Facilities currently, 40 have recovered and 10 beneficiaries are still active. The few severe cases were referred to the COVID hospital in Taba in Thimphu.

 There are 293 beneficiaries with comorbidities kept safely in the Reverse Isolation Facilities, of which 141 are males and 152 are females. There are 125 elderlies; 64 male and 61 female, as of 22 April 2022.

About 200 beneficiaries have left the facilities for reasons of their own. There are around 57,000 most vulnerable people in the country

 Thimphu has 102 beneficiaries followed by Bumthang with 49; and Paro with 38; Chukha and Dagana 27 in the Reverse Isolation.

 An official with the facility said unfortunately, they lost a Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) patient after being infected and the another CKD who was positive was lost, but was not a Reverse Isolation Facility (RIF) resident, but taken care under RIF because of the dialysis requirement.

 Even being in RIF, people are testing positive, the official said while they try their best to protect them from being infected, however, that is not the priority. He added, “Our priority is to prepare them better to fight the virus, if infected. We focus on improving their overall health condition, particularly their immunology.”

 The official said when the whole community is exposed to the virus, no one can determine how they got infected. Some would have picked up the virus from the community before they are admitted, as many turned positive during the initial 7 days at the buffer facility.

 Earlier Head of Kidu Mobile Medical Unit, Dr Phurb Dorji, said there will be cases where an individual might get infected, even while staying in the Reverse Isolation, but by being there, the necessary treatment will be provided to avert life-threatening complications.

Meanwhile, there are 51 RIFs activated and 16 are on standby in the 20 dzongkhags. The facilities have dedicated health professionals and personal caregivers. Trained DeSuup-Plus are stationed to take care of all the vulnerable groups of population. The Reverse Isolation Facilities are maintained under strict COVID-19 protocols.

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