3 apprehended and 82 fined for drugs and tobacco

During a special drugs checking initiated by the Bhutan Narcotics Control Authority (BNCA), Customs and Royal Bhutan Police (RBP) in Damchu, Thimphu,  police arrested three Indian nationals on April 22.

An Indian man, in his late 20s, driving a West Bengal vehicle was heading towards Thimphu with tourists from Sikkim. Police seized 24 capsules of Spasmo-proxyvon  hidden in his jacket pocket.

Meanwhile, two Indian labourers, in their early 30s, were caught in possession of 24 grams of Marijuana. They were travelling towards Thimphu in a taxi.

On the same day, BNCA fined 82 people for illegal possession of tobacco products. BNCA collected Nu 37,610 as fine money.

BNCA seized 617 sticks of cigarette, 513 packets of Baba, 3470 sticks of Beri and 4 kg of Pata (tobacco-dried leaves).

The team will continue to conduct more highway checking and special drug crackdowns to bring down the number of people in possession of drugs and illegal tobacco products.


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