3 arrested for 3 burglaries in a week

Thimphu police arrested three suspects in relation to a burglary in a week’s time. However, one suspect is at large.

On August 8, Thimphu police arrested a 19- year-old man for burglarizing a house in Babesa. The suspect stole Nu 110,000, one gold ring, one mobile phone and B-Mobile and T-Cell vouchers worth Nu 3,000.

On the same day, police arrested the suspect and recovered Nu 81,425, mobile phone and 2 silk kiras from his apartment. Police found a knife and a jacket belonging to the suspect at the crime scene, which helped the police in arresting the suspect. The 19-year-old was involved in three other burglary cases.

On August 7, Thimphu police arrested a 27-year-old man who stole some old collection of money in Changbangdu, which was later recovered. In addition, police seized drugs from his house and he has confessed to crime.

Similarly, after being alerted by a security guard, police arrested a 28-year-old man for burglary of three handicraft shops in the craft bazaar on August 13.

The suspect has confessed to the crime; however his accomplice in the crime is still at large. They have stolen purses from two shops and police have recovered purses and laptop from the suspect.

In addition, the same suspect was involved a burglary case in the immigration office.

Meanwhile, police have arrested the masked man who attempted to break into the BOB ATM located behind MKTS building in Thimphu. The suspect confessed to the police that he left the scene after seeing some people coming towards the ATM. Police said that the suspect has to pay damage charge of Nu 91,120 to BOB.

The suspect has been charged for 11 cases as of now.

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