3 arrested in one day from Phuentsholing and Gedu for drugs

Phuentsholing police apprehended two suspects on 31 May from the pedestrian entry gate in Phuentsholing. The suspects are 29 years old and 21 years old.

From the older suspect who works in the private sector, the police seized 66 capsules of SP+, 4 capsules of Pyeevon Spas Plus that was concealed in his underwear. In addition, at the time of detention, police further found 9 tablets of N10 (Nitrosun) concealed in his socks.

During the course of interrogation, the suspect confessed that he bought the substances from a dealer based in Bowbazar, Jaigaon paying Nu 2000 for self consumption. The suspect further confessed that he had consumed 4 capsules of SP+ and one N10 before his arrest. He tested positive for the controlled substances, and he is being detained for further investigation.

Likewise, from the 21-year-old suspect who is unemployed, the police seized 3 packets of dried marijuana leaves that had been concealed in his jacket pocket. The suspect confessed to the police that he bought the substance from an unknown dealer in Bowbazar, Jaigaon paying Nu 100 for self consumption.

The suspect tested positive for abusing marijuana and was directed to Drop-In-Centre, Phuentsholing.

Meanwhile, Gedu police has intercepted one truck travelling to Thimphu from Phuentsholing. In connection to this, they have arrested one 25-year-old driver who is from Gangkhar, Lhuentse on 31 May.

From the suspect, the police seized 11.33 grams of dried marijuana which was concealed inside the music stereo system. The suspect made a confession to the police that the dried marijuana belonged to him, and he bought two packets of dried marijuana from an Indian dealer in Jaigaon on 26 May.

The suspect also confessed that he bought the marijuana for Nu 200 for his own consumption. He tested positive for abusing marijuana. However, the suspect was released on surety.

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