3 day holiday and multiple programs to honour the Great Fourth on 60th anniversary

In order to celebrate the 60th birth anniversary of the fourth Druk gyalpo, the national Steering Committee (nSC) on Thursday disclosed the programs for the various days.

The main theme of the celebration is ‘nation Building’ as to reflect on the achievements, to take stock of the current status of initiatives and to plan for the future based on the vision, wisdom and direction of His Majesty the Fourth Druk gyalpo.

From 7th to 8th november, there will be a recitation of Kanjur by various shedras, organization of Wang by displaying Thongdrels and nangtens in all Dzongs, Solkha in all goenkhangs, and recitation of Baza guru, Mani Tshedo and Tshedrub to be held jointly by Dratshang, Rabdeys, Chhodeys, Drubdeys and the public.

The nation will observe three days of celebrations starting november 9 to 11th and so these days will be declared as a government holiday.

The nSC Chairperson, Dasho Sonam Tenzin said, “The emphasis of the celebrations should not be stressed only in Thimphu, but the focus of the event should be among all the people living in 20 Dzongkhags and 205 gewogs to equally celebrate the occasion.”

Therefore, the nSC has decided that the key people in the Dzongkhags and gewogs such as Dzongda, Lam neten, Drangpon and gups will remain in their respective places to observe the occasion with the people in most desirable and memorable manner.

As to enable the people to pay their homage to the Fourth King in their respective gewogs, His Majesty the King will present one statue of Chenrezig to each gewog. The statue shall be placed in one of the temples in their gewogs which may be agreed on mutually by the people.

The nSC has decided to build a Druk gi norbui Kachen to pay tribute to his extraordinary qualities of Ku-Sung-Thug-Yonten-Thinley.

The monument is to be simple but striking with significance as profound as the Asoka pillar. The monument shall be made out of solid stone and will be later replicated in all the Dzongkhags.

Her Majesty the Queen’s Project Office in collaboration with the Celebration Coordination unit will launch 60 different products from various Dzongkhags under the one gewog one product (OgOP) program on 11th november. The products shall be displayed in tents and sold to the public to promote the OgOP products.

The entertainment programs will be of the highest quality to legitimize the event philosophically, ritually and ceremonially.

All schools like primary, lower secondary, middle secondary, higher secondary and tertiary institutions shall be given an opportunity to come up with exceptional programs that befits the spirit and theme of the occasion.

The best of the programmes will be screened from respective schools of different Dzongkhags and Thromdes for the final selection to be staged in the capital or their respective Dzongkhags.

In addition, to creating a special event the people of Bhutan will get an opportunity to express their gratitude, love, devotion and loyalty.

For the Tendrel, the guard of Honour for the first time in Bhutan’s history shall be made thrice to His Majesty the Druk gyalpo. The guard of Honour will be made by 1000 army personnel backed up by thousands of other citizens. The national flag will be hosted all over the city.

The Zhabten for the Fourth Druk gyalpo will be offered collectively by the representatives from Dratshang and chhoedey of 1000 numbers , government representatives which are Lyonpos, Secretaries, 20 members of Parliament from the national Assembly and the national Council, members from the Judiciary, Senior civil servants (p-1 level and above), His Majesty the Fourth Druk gyalpo’s officials and attendants, Foresters, Scouts, retired nyikems, retired civil servants, retired senior RBg, RBA and RBP officers and 20 representatives from the private sector.

The national Steering Committee has printed approximately about 350,000 gyalpoi Zhabten and it will be distributed to the citizens.

The Dratshang will perform a Zhing-Sheg Pem Chham with 100 monks. The Royal Academy of Performing Arts will come up with at least three spectacular and exclusive dances including both folk dance and mask dance and it is expected that about 70 senior citizens, both male and female will perform traditional Bhutanese dances.

Parallel entertainment programs will be organized at different places like Centenary Park, Dechenchholing, Changjiji, Clock tower square, Mothithang Park and Street shows at norzin Lam.

A cake cutting ceremony may be organized at the Clock Tower square or another convenient location to celebrate the birthday of the Fourth King and a food festival is to be organized by the Trongsa Penlop Thuendrel Tshogpa at the Centenary Park.

The committee has decided that the entire theme and process of the celebration will be broadcasted by BBS through TV and radio.

It is to include the significance of the celebration that can be shown through narrations, interviews, panel discussions, broadcasting of the documentaries and many other programs to make people understand and appreciate the significance of the occasion.

It was decided that a small group will be identified to develop the content and work out the programs. The programs will be organized in a sequential order and broad cast shall be made in an ascending frequency to finally culminate on 11th november.

Dasho Sonam Tenzin said the amount of effort and initiatives taken by the nation would have a multiple effect only if BBS and other media houses could do effective coverage of all activities including the ones happening behind the scene as people’s true dedication to the Fourth Druk gyalpo.

Meanwhile, the Bhutanese working or studying abroad in the uS, Canada, Australia, India, Bangaldesh, Sri Lanka and other parts of the world has taken their own initiative to observe and celebrate national events in their respective places coordinated by the respective Embassies.

In India, the program would be coordinated by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and celebration may be observed in three places based on the number of students and Bhutanese residents.

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