3 persons detained for possession of brown sugar

Two men were arrested by the Thimphu police for abusing brown sugar in their parked car on February 15 at around 22:10hrs from Zilukha, Thimphu. They were found in possession of 17.34 gms of brown sugar at the time of arrest.

Both the suspects are 28 years old. One of them is from Siphu, Wangdue and the other is from Sarpang.

Upon interrogation, the suspects have confessed to buying the brown sugar from an Indian man in Jaigaon,India. However, according to the police, the informer had said the suspects bought the brown sugar in Siliguri,India.

According to a UN report, millions of Indians are addicted to brown sugar, as it is India’s most popular drugs. Brown sugar is 20 percent heroin and 80 percent is impurities, which is either a mixture or chalk powder, or zinc oxide. The mixture is more dangerous than heroin.

Police said the brown sugar is packed into a packet of one gram each and sells for Nu 1,500 per packet. “We are investigating on the involvement of more people along with them (the suspects),” police said.

Meanwhile, one man was arrested on February 2 at 19:00 hrs in possession of 0.1542 gms of brown sugar. The suspect was actually brought into the police station for a battery case, but upon checking him under suspicion of drug use, he was found carrying 0.0542 gms of brown sugar in his wallet.

After finding him carrying the brown sugar, police went for checking at his house, whereby they recovered 0.1002 gms of brown sugar from his house. The suspect is 30 years of age and is from Thimphu and he is a businessman.

The three suspects are being detained by the police for further investigation, after which the cases will be put up to OAG for prosecution.


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