30 civil servants resign to contest the 2013 elections

Twenty-five civil servants from eight ministries, National Assembly and His Majesty’s Secretariat till date have been officially separated by the Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC) from their respective agencies to contest the upcoming elections.

Five resignations have been rejected by the commission.

There hasn’t been anyone resigning as yet from the Ministry of economic affairs and the Foreign Ministry.

Inspite of the exodus, RCSC Commissioner Sangay Dorji said the commission has strategies in place to fill the vacant places. However, there will be no recruitments or any appointments until the 2013 elections are over. “The posts have to be replaced through open competition and probably most of the eligible officers on election duty,” he said.

“To give the opportunity for everyone to participate, we have frozen the selection through open competition till elections are over,” the commissioner said.

Maximum numbers of individuals, 11, who have resigned are from the P2A position level followed by five from the P1A and five from the P4A level. Five civil servants were serving at the Director level and four at the P3A level.

The highest number (12), who have left for the 2013 race as National Assembly (NA) and National Council (NC) candidates is from the Education Ministry. Four school principals who resigned are Jigme Dorji who joined Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT) from Dremitse- Ngatshang constituency in Mongar, Tshering Wangchen as NC contender from Khalong village of the same Dzongkhag, and Khara Nanda Dhakal who will contest for NC seat from Trashiyangtse Dzongkhag.

Dhan Kumar Ghalley and Dago Tsheringla has also resigned from their posts as principals to join politics.

Two teachers Dhurba Raj Gurung from Samtse-Pagli constituency and Tharchen have resigned to join Bhutan Kuen-Nyam Party (BKP) and NC elections in Trongsa Dzongkhag respectively.

Tek Bahadur Subba and Chimi Tenzin have resigned from their posts as DEOs. Tashi Phuntsho who worked as an education monitoring officer left to stand as an NC candidate from Samtse Dzongkhag.

Agriculture and Forest Ministry falls second with six of its employees from the two departments resigning to pursue politics. Resignations of JB Rai, Badrinath Bhattarai, Pema Drakpa, Gyembo Tshering, Tashi Samdrup and Gopal Mahat have been accepted by the RCSC.

Three from the health ministry resigned from service while only one of them has been officially separated from the ministry by RCSC. Tashi Norbu from Khar-Yurung Constituency, Pemagatshel who served as the executive director of Bhutan Health Trust Fund will stand as a candidate for the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

Kinley Dorji who served as Director in the Human resource Department, Ministry of Labor and Human Resources (MoLHR) has resigned to join DNT. Tshewang Dorji from the National Assembly secretariat, and Nima Tshering from His Majesty’s Secretariat, has joined DNT.

So far, the Ministries of Finance (MoF), Information and Communications (MoIC) and Works & Human Settlement (MoWHS) have lost only one civil servant each to politics.

The only woman civil servant who resigned for politics, Tshewang Tashi, was also the first to leave the civil service for BKP last October. She served as a regional director under the finance ministry.

Loknath Sharma and Wangdi Gyeltshen are the only ones resigning from MoIC and MoWHS. Both have joined DNT.

From the home ministry, Chimi Dorji who last served as the Trongsa Dzongrab and Tenzin, a Gewog administration officer has been approved by the RCSC.

RCSC Commissioner Sangay Dorji said “although there will be a lot of challenges because of the vacant posts in many agencies, election is the call of the nation and we need to give it priority.”

He also said it is always good if competent civil servants choose to join politics and serve better as long as they are clear of any bonds or obligations with their respective agencies.

Former deputy chief program officer Karma Thinley’s resignation has been rejected by the RCSC due to service obligations while Nima Tshering, a curriculum officer is also stranded by the commission.

Resignations of Dr. Lotay Tshering and Dr. Lobzang Dorji have been rejected by the commission.Karma Lhendup, a statistical officer is one among the five whose resignation haven’t been approved by RCSC.



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  1. on one hand, the RCSC cannot allow DR. Loday, DR. Lobzang and Mr. Karma Lhendup without fulfilling their obligations. It’s the rule that they must either complete their minimum service or refund training expense. On the otherhand, they have made public their intentions of joining party and even spelled out which each of them is committed to. So, I don’t think they can remain in the civil service due to party affiliation even if they choose this option. They have to refund the necessary amount and leave the civil service. Henceforth, No civil servants should publicly declare their party commitment before they completely resign.

  2. Yes, if someone really wants to join politics, fulfill the obligation by paying it and leave civil service.  This is also important lesson for ministry and institution that there should be proper succession planning. Individual should not take hostage of entire organization. No one should be indispensable.  so, system should not rely too much on one or two individuals. Rather, train groom and built proper institution and manpower.

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