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31-year-old Bhutanese in New York stabbed as Bhutanese suffer Anti-Asian hate

A 31-year-old Bhutanese man living in New York who was waiting in the subway to get home was stabbed from the back on his neck leaving him partially paralyzed.

According to the New York Daily News, the suspect admitted that he plunged a dagger into Bhutanese man’s neck, then hid in an alley, slipped his blade back into its sheath, and put it into his bag.

In an instant, the Bhutanese victim felt pressure and pain to the back of his neck and his lower back. He lost feeling in his legs and crumpled to the ground, and saw the attacker running away from him, wearing a white shirt and carrying a gray bag.

The attack partially paralyzed him. A doctor at Elmhurst Hospital said he suffered decreased sensation from the left side with right lower extremity paralysis.

A female Bhutanese source in the US who is familiar with the case and knows the family requesting anonymity said they are not sure if this is a case of Anti- Asian hate because the person had attacked other people of other races as well. But then again due to the recent strong wave of Anti- Asian hate, it possibly could be a case of Anti- Asian hate in the US.

What has puzzled the police about the case is that there was no robbery attempt in the case nor was the victim involved in a fight.

At the same time given the attacker is a Filipino it makes it more confusing.

She said what is for sure is that the pandemic has put people of Asian descent at a great risk of violence and Anti- Asian violence has been increasing in the US.

She said people of Asian descent have to take precautions not to be in these type of situation like roaming subways at night alone otherwise it puts them at great risk of being attacked due to their race.

The source said that those committing anti-Asian hate crimes do not differentiate between types of Asians and many Bhutanese are more worried then ever since the pandemic has started.

Currently, one of the victim’s friends in New York is raising funds for him using American fund raiser site, Go Fund Me. His friend said that now he cannot work anymore given his injuries and bills needs to be paid for his hospital stay, food and necessities in New York.

Earlier when the first wave of anti-Asian hate crimes happened a Bhutanese woman’s husband who is a non-Bhutanese and a Buddhist from Nepal with Asian features was brutally beaten up due to his race to the extent that he was put in the Intensive Care Unit of Elmherst Hospital in Queens in New York.

There are also other Bhutanese in New York reporting hostile stares and words and many do not feel safe or comfortable coming out at night.

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