3,173 thram holders in Haa get land Kidu from His Majesty the King

His Majesty the King with Land Kidu recipents in Haa
His Majesty the King with Land Kidu recipents in Haa

His Majesty the King on 30 March 2013 granted Land Kidu to 3,173 thram holders in Haa Dzongkhag and Thromde, whose cases were submitted after the completion of the National Cadastral Resurvey.

The beneficiaries faced several types of land issues such as excess land, building houses and lhakhangs or cultivating on state land, and omission of thram from the records, which were highlighted by the Resurvey

The National Cadastral Resurvey was initiated in 2007 upon the Command of His Majesty the King, to resolve all existing land issues once and for all, by carrying out an accurate, all-encompassing survey of the entire country.

His Majesty the King said to the representatives of the thram holders that land is of utmost importance to the people because it is a family heirloom – something that gives people roots and a sense of belonging, and enables them to improve their lives.

His Majesty Commanded the representatives to convey to the beneficiaries the importance of protecting their land.

“I am handing over this land to you with the hope that you will protect it, make the best out of it and use it to benefit the lives of your children,” His Majesty said.

His Majesty also encouraged the people to participate in the upcoming elections. “In the last elections, the voter turnout was close to 80 percent. This time, you must make sure to do even better than that. You vote only once in five years, do not waste this opportunity.”

His Majesty granted tokha to the people, and spent the afternoon interacting with them.

His Majesty the King accompanied by Her Majesty the Gyaltsuen, arrived at Haa on 29 March. Their Majesties visited Jamphel and Gongzim Ugyen Dorji Higher Secondary Schools in Haa.

His Majesty also granted audiences to individuals seeking Kidu, and granted Gyalpoi Tozey, Census, and other Kidus.



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  1. We thank our king for his kindness and care of his peoples. But I doubt that this kidu might went to the wrong persons. The best example could be the Gup Deb Rickys Land above INgo Zam. Gup Ricky has captured all the govt and public land and even he has got theThram from Dzongkhag Land Record Office. If ACC or Media house like you go and Investegate it it is clear like crystal that he has Illegally owned govt.and public lands in his name during his tenure as gup. The Govt has built New Bridge named as Ingo Zam just below Old Bride and road. Soon after complection of the bridge Gup has iniciated to built One chorten above old Bridge and completed it. After that he also built Wooden hut on the old Road presently rented to someone as Furniture House. Now people of Ingo Village has no enoubgh Space for their Archery Ground as land near by are alredy fenced forcefully by the Gup.
    even people dont have enoubgh space for road/way to access to chorten.

  2. Wao i too knows abt this issue. The people of Ingo village are threaten by this Gup Ricky. He is huge,strong and powerful at present in that area. Even govt peoples are scared to charge him. Now we want the Bhutanese to carry out some investigation on above issue and for details you can interview peoples of Ingo Village like Ap Lam Sangay, Ap Tshengoed,Aum Chencho Lham,Ap Tse Tse and eldery peoles of that area.

  3. there is no room such people in our land of happiness. vote him out soon and then charge him for his wrong doings. Thanks for bringing such critical issues.

  4. Gup Rekey has joint hand with the Dzongdag transfered to Ha as punishment transfer. Such thing will keep happening as long the gov. sends useless Dzongdags to Ha. It indicates condimination of the district by the gov. Gup Rekay has exploited all resources in the Dzongkhag.

  5. Thanks to glory pelden drukpa and wangchuk dynasty.
    however am still not satisfied with the corruption case going on in happiest place/district of bhutan.lhakhang karpo renovation took 2 and half years to dismantle the beautiful lakhang. now what remain is only the ruins.
    even if we get land kidu under  the generous rule of his majesty the peoples king, we will never prosper if the people involved in above cases are curtailed. there foree it is my ernest request to concerned authority, fellow citizens and MPs and NCs to raise the issues so that our glorious ap chundu and fellow happs get a fotress to live and bow down to the glorious proctector.
    without it we will have to face the consiquences of provoking our local deity…
    those who are involved in it…face it if you can.

  6. Dear People, Ha seems to be the most unfotunate Dzongkhag despite having the oldest acadimic school in the country. Most of the ex-Lynpos came from the district accounting for a good share of contribution to Nation building by the district. However till date the government did not consider to establish any institution ( collages, hospitals, Dzong, road network, Lhakangs, indistries, ets) which are basic infrastructures for overall development in the district besides being a border town with China. 2008 voting population transpired very thin population in the district. WHY?. The elites in the district do not find any future prospects in the district and migrates to Thimphu, Paro and Phuentsholing with their census. IMTRAT takes advantage of this common attitude of the residents and the government by encrouching into periferial communal lands. IMTRAT is flourishing and Ha deminishing. Dzongdas transfered there are good-for-nothing ones who can not see the developments happining arround and enjoys quots from IMTRAT facitlities. WHO SEES IT ALL.

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