32 apprehended by Thimphu police for drugs in April

In the month of April 2017, Thimphu police apprehended 32 people in connection with illicit trafficking and substance abuse.

Of the 32, one is woman in her mid 30’s while the rest are men with different professional backgrounds and of different age groups.

Thimphu police seized 436 capsules of SP+ and 225 packets of marijuana weighing 467.8 grams from the 32 people. Ten of the 32 are under detention for further investigation while the rest have been handed over to Bhutan Narcotics and Control Agency (BNCA) for assessment (TAB), counseling and rehabilitation.

All the suspects were apprehended from Thimphu and some were repeated offenders. Police said that those detained for illicit trafficking will be charged under 4th Degree offence, which is for 3 to 5 years prison some 3rd Degree offence, which is 5 to 9 years prison.

“We are doing every possible way to cut down drug related crime and we are quite serious about this,” a police officer said. “Most of the abusers are youths while the middle aged suspects are peddlers.”

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