32 year old finally confesses to murder of security guard at JDWNRH

32 year old Prem Bishwa Karma from Samtse has confessed to the murder of the 24 year old security guard of JDWNRH on 8 February 2017. In his first statement to police, he claimed that, there some tussle between him and the deceased in the morning and on the same evening a fight broke out between them as he alleged the deceased started charging him.

Initially Prem claimed that, he was not only the person during the night and that there was involvement of two more friends with him. However, upon interrogation the police found that there was nobody else involved and that he have made up the story to save himself.

Prem is an ex-laundry boy who was terminated by the management on February 2 after failing to abide by the rules. In addition, it was also learnt that he had past criminal records. He was involved in various battery and larceny cases. He once also worked part-time as a bouncer in one of the Drayangs in Thimphu.

Though Prem was already terminated from his work, he frequently visited the hospital to sleep and eat in the hospital.

He did this as his termination was not known to every security guard in the hospital and he came in his work uniform.

Meanwhile he confessed that, on 8th February, at around 8 AM in the morning, he was asked by one of the lady cleaners to stop people from entering the ward as she was washing the ward. At the time the deceased came to him and asked him to leave, which led to some tussle.

In the evening, when he was on his way to sleep in the patient’s common room the deceased again came to him and warned him to leave.

Thereafter, when the deceased was on round in level three through the ramp, the ex-laundry boy suddenly came from behind and knocked him down with a punch which led to the deceased’s head hitting the ramp’s wall and then the ground. After that, Prem escaped the scene from level two through the ramp and came to the ortho ward to show he was not at the crime scene.

Police said that, they arrested Prem from the ortho ward when he was coming out from the toilet as he was found with his shirt rolled up one side and his jacket was found torn.

Later it was found that, the suspect’s jacket was torn as it got stuck in the door latch while he was trying to escape the scene.

Police said that, the incident took place just 2 to 3 meters away from the ramp door and that the deceased died of severe back head injury, internal bleeding and  breakage in his throat.

Prem has been detained for further investigation and as of now, the case is registered under voluntary man-slaughter while it may change later once the complete investigation is done.

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