The dire need of the hour is a bridge
In addition to the lack of a motorable road the gewogs of Lawa, Langa, Kashiphako and Rukha under Athang are also in need of a bridge which would make their living a lot better.
Athang Gup Khandu Dorji, said to construct a bridge in their gewog would be very expensive as it has to ply over the Punatsangchu.
“Around a decade back there was a plan to construct a bridge but it was estimated to over Nu 180mn then,” he said. It would be more expensive as all the prices for the materials have increased.
He said to construct the bridge whole budget of Five Year Plan should be allocated for that particular bridge. While for each developmental plan gewog gets around 10mn.
Today the Athang community travels from a suspension bridge which is in Taksha village under Tsirang Dzongkhag.
However the community looks forward for a bridge in Yedtshokha, which would be constructed by Punatsangchhu Hydropower Project Authority (PHPA).
“The bailey bridge would benefit Athang gewog to transport all the goods and provide services,” the Gup said.
(Thinley Wangmo)

Dispute lays its foundation with a bridge’s construction
The construction has started on the motorable bridge which will connect Kichu lhakhang to Tsenthang village and so has disputes amongst the people in the Lango village.
The key reason behind the disputes is the location for the bridge. However the gup stood firm with the decision made by the local authorities since it benefits a majority of the people.
The government has allocated more than 10 million Ngultrum for the construction of the motorable bridge and for a smaller one in Dotey gewog. The bigger portion of the budget is meant for the bridge to be built in Lango.
According to the Lango gup the construction of this bridge would benefit around 1000 people including the students and staffs of the Sangchokhor Shedra also in Lango gewog.
(Yeshey Tshewang)

CDG used for development works
Fencing works on the old lhakhang, Thruthob near the Kabesa School has started with Nu 400,000 budget from the Constituency Development Grant (CDG).
“This fencing is expected to protect the temple which is usually affected by the vehicle movement, cattle wandering around and children making the surrounding dirty,” said Gewog Administration Officer Jigmi Samdrup
The lhakhang is built by Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel during the 1660s and it is a most sacred artifact for the nation. For the people in the locality the lhakhang serves various purposes like conducting ritual etc.
The Lhakhang is on the highway to Gasa Dzongkhag which is three kms away from the main road point but since the road is not black topped, it takes half an hour to reach the temple.
Kabesa Gewog has five chiwogs with 700 registered households with a population of approximately 3229.
(Dawa Zangmo)

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