35 customer complaints on voice and data charges

BTL said that around 35 customers have lodged the complaints on charges in last one and half month..

BTL said the complaint cases increased especially after the system has been upgraded to provide new facility was introduced recently.

The BTL general manager of the marketing division, Penjore the data rates have not been changed and the service has not been degraded. “The complaints are mainly on the charges and cost of data which I would like to clarify that it depends on usage despite the validity period”.

He said overcharging never happens even with the minimal probability of technical glitch. “We are subjected to numerous auditing so we are a responsible company, this is the last thing we will do, I don’t know why people think like that” he said a thorough testing called UAC- user acceptance test- is done for the service check.

He added that the probable reason for the customers complaining on the charges must be due to new multiple services which the people are not able to familiarize with. “Example, getting alert notification for balance usage in frequent interval must be one since it may feel to them like the balance is exhausting at faster pace”

He said if anyone is doubtful of their data consumption, they can give us their number or go to billing system, where the complete details will be shown. “We have a new feature that shows which app have you visited along with dates and data consumed with which you will be convinced since each MB would be counted transparently”.

“Since this point was raised by many that the new system of checking balance is not user-friendly that’s why we took a decision to revert back to the old system but since we need to upgrade with time too, we kept the option for the new system as well”

“We might want to arrive at reasonable rate but we may not like to charge high either as BICMA won’t allow, so it’s in our interest to keep it as cheap as we can” he said this on the other hand is caught up by numerous challenges.

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