36% of people who come for testing in Thimphu are testing positive while it is 42% in Phuentsholing

Omicron expected to peak by end of April 2022

In the past one week, Thimphu has detected nearly around a thousand new cases daily.

Thimphu has been detecting the highest COVID-19 cases in the country. As of 18 April, Thimphu has 3,501 positive cases followed by 654 cases in Phuentsholing, 428 cases in Mongar and 294 cases in Samtse.

There is a total of 8,048  active cases and 18 COVID-19 deaths across the country as of 18 April 2022.

The positivity rate across the country was up in mid April. On 12 April 2022, the positivity rate in Thimphu Thromde stood at 36 %, Thimphu Dzongkhag was 77%, Samtse at 68%, Gelephu Thromde at 29%, Samdrup Jongkhar Thromde with 83%, Samdrup Jongkhar Dzongkhag with 30% and Phuentsholing Throm at 42%.

An official from the Ministry of Health (MoH) said if there is a spike in the COVID-19 cases in the country, the health system will be severely impacted because the country has a scarce number of intensivist and specialist health workers to attend to patients needing critical care.

Therefore, MoH requests the general public to abide by the COVID-19 preventive measures at all times. However, they are also optimistic that strategies, such as the reverse isolation facilities that have been set up across the country under the visionary leadership of His Majesty will provide the much-needed protection for the vulnerable populations when they see a spike in cases in the communities. In addition, high vaccination coverage will also provide the much needed safeguards from the perceived worst case scenario.

Currently, there are 43 COVID-19 patients in the COVID-19 hospitals across the country. In Thimphu, there are 30 COVID-19 patients, 6 patients in Mongar COVID-19 hospital, 4 patients in RIGSS and 3 patients in Gelephu COVID-19 hospital. The MoH official said the admitted COVID-19 patients are elderly and with comorbidities.

Asymptomatic and milder cases are managed either in the isolation facilities or home depending on the severity and presence of comorbid conditions.   

Meanwhile, MoH has authorized sale of COVID-19 self-test kits. However, the self-test kits are to complement the COVID-19 tests being provided by the government. The people who test positive on the self-test kits should report the result by calling the hotline number 1010 for registration and further medical care. The government will continue with the COVID-19 testing provisions at Flu Clinics.

A health official said the country is also expected to see the peak in the Omicron cases by the end of April 2022.

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