386 COVID-19 cases so far but 94% recovery rate

A total of 386 COVID-19 cases have been reported so far in the country as of 24th November, 283 male and 103 female. 62 percent are Bhutanese and 38 percent are Non-Bhutanese so far. From  the confirmed cases, 56 percent of cases were detected from quarantine facilities and almost 43 percent of cases were from the community.

Of the latest four cases 3 are expatriate men who arrived in Bhutan on 6th and 20th November and are quarantined in Phuentsholing.

One is a 19-year-old Bhutanese boy who returnde to Bhutan on 9th November from India. He is quarantined in Thimphu.

 Health Minister Dechen Wangmo said Bhutan has 94 percent of recovery rate, and as compared to other countries in the world, it is very good. Due to high recovery rate in the country, people must have been thinking that is not something to be worried about and are taking it easy.

The Minister said, in other developed countries, they have issues like shortage of doctors, specialist and PPEs etc. Sometimes, even the positive cases are sent back home without any medication. Whereas in Bhutan, the day the first cases was detected, they were cared and done all the necessary checkup needed. This is the reason why Bhutan has been managing COVID-19 cases with higher recovery rate and no deaths reported.

Lyonpo also highlighted that most are not aware what COVID-19 health staffs does in the hospital and the level of care that has been given to every single positive person who is admitted in the isolation center is quite extensive.

Currently Bhutan has a total of 21 active cases, out of which 20 are male and 1 female. 6 active cases in Jigme Dorji Wangchuck National Referral Hospital (JDWNRH), 15 in RIGSS Hospital in Phuentsholing, (14 males and 1 female) and no case in Gelephu and Mongar. 24 people are in de-isolation.

In terms of testing, Bhutan stands at top 50 and is second in testing among neighboring countries.

A total of 25,252 people are quarantined so far and a total of 1,646 are in the quarantine facilities, including people moving in and out from high risk to low risk and people coming from abroad.

So far almost 10,000 people travelling from high risk to low risk were quarantined and currently nearly 800 people are in the quarantine facilities. The Health Minister explained that the nation has been differentiated into two categories, one is high risk and the other one is low risk. “We are still not confident to say that we have absolutely no risk but we are saying it is a low risk for other areas, so we still have some risks.”

Meanwhile, countries are beginning to see a second wave of COVID-19 and it is learnt that there is a new coronavirus strain which is worrisome.

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