Missing man found dead

The body of a man, who went missing since 27 September, was found by the Police search team and relatives at the base of a cliff in the capital from where he is suspected to have fallen.

His body was discovered on 30 September.

The deceased Tandin Tshering, 57 a cow herder from Punakha was said to have gone missing from Gochu Pangkha, opposite to Chari monastery in Thimphu.

A joint medical examination was conducted on the body by the forensic team from the national referral hospital (JDWNR H) in the presence of police.

The deceased body had lacerated wounds in irregular margin on the chin, right foot (shin) and punctured wound on right forearm, grazed abrasion over the outer aspect of elbow, lip and knees was found on the body during the examination.

Sources said that the Probable cause of the death could have been due to Hemorrhage, shock, and hypothermia.

Foul play was ruled out and sources said that the case appears to be an accidental death.


Chencho Dema / Thimphu

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