39 arrests in 45 days in Thimphu for drugs

In 45 days’ time, Thimphu police apprehended 39 people in total for the abuse and for illicit trafficking of controlled substances. The arrest was made between May and June as of now.

Police arrested 13 youth for abusing controlled substances in May alone, while they have arrested 3 men for illicit trafficking. 1,042 capsules of SP+ and 68 pieces of N10 tablets were seized from the 3 suspects.

Likewise till date in June, the police arrested 20 males and one female for drug abuse. Police picked up 2 men and one woman for illicit trafficking of controlled substances, and seized 344 capsules of SP+ and 50 tablets of N10.

All 33 abusers were forwarded to BNCA for TAP and rest 6 are detained for further investigation.

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