4 men arrested for stealing construction rods in South Thimphu

South Thimphu police station (STPS) arrested 4 men for the theft of construction materials on 21st and 20th March, 2024. The suspects aged 38, 41, 31 and 30 were caught stealing 11 bundles of 12mm rods from a construction site in Depsi, Thimphu.

The incident, which occurred on 12th March, was brought to light when the construction site owner discovered missing bundles of rods. Taking matters into his own hands, the owner installed a CCTV camera to monitor the area where the construction rods were stored.

The offenders came again but after noticing the CCTV camera, they laid  the rods down.

Upon reporting the incident to STPS on 18th March, the authorities began their investigation. Reviewing CCTV footage, they identified a suspicious Jumbo vehicle that matched the timeline of the thefts.

The Jumbo vehicle owner and a taxi driver were apprehended on 20th March, leading to a confession of their involvement in the crime.

Further investigation revealed that the offenders were familiar with the construction site and had already planned the theft. Due to the significant quantity of stolen rods, they procured two additional accomplices.

The two friends were subsequently arrested on 21st March.

As per the Penal Code of Bhutan, a defendant shall be guilty of the offence of larceny, if the defendant takes or moves the property of another person without the owner’s consent and with the intent to deprive the owner of the property or to appropriate the same to the defendant or a third person.

The offence of larceny shall be a value-based sentencing.

However, the STPS revealed that both the Jumbo driver and taxi driver were repeat offenders and had similar records in the Central and North PS.

As repeat offenders, they will face harsher punishment, including imprisonment, for their latest crime.

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