43 arrested in Thimphu within 17 days for drugs

Last month Thimphu police arrested 85 people in connection with the use and sale of controlled substances.

This month, another 43 arrests were made as of July 17 of which 41 are men and two are women in the age range of 11 years to 32 years. This means 43 arrests in 17 days.

Police forwarded 32 cases related to substance abuse to the Bhutan Narcotic Control Agency (BNCA) for counseling. Two are being held for selling insolvent substances, six for illicit trafficking of controlled substance, one for possession and two in connection with tobacco products.

The initiative of forwarding abusers to BNCA was implemented on 2 December 2013 and as per police records 2594 people have been arrested as of July 13 2017.

Of this 1744 were convicted, 429 abusers were forwarded to BNCA by RBP and 60 by court and 361 are on bail. Those convicted can pay Thrim Thue in lieu of prison.

Of the total arrests 365 were students and 145 were females. Police also said that there are very rare cases where a person tests negative and is arrested for possession.

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