44 people apprehended by Thimphu police for drugs in last 45 days

Within a month and a half, starting from April and till now, Thimphu police has apprehended 36 people, aged between 17 to 32, including one female, for the abuse of controlled substances.

Similarly, for illicit trafficking of contraband substances, the police arrested 6 people in April with a total seizure of 3,029 SP+ and one person was arrested for the illegal possession of tobacco products. In addition, the police have also seized 11.36 grams of Puriya and 1,854 packets of chewing tobacco, Baba.

Likewise, in May so far, the police arrested 2 persons, a 24-year-old and 33-year-old, and seized 1,042 capsules of SP+ from them. A total of 36 people are being forwarded to BNCA for TAP while the rest are detained for further investigation.

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