45 criminal cases in 20 Dzongkhags reported since lockdown

Royal Bhutan Police (RBP) has received 45 criminal cases from all over the country and has arrested 61 people in connection to the registered cases. Thimphu has contributed the highest with 21 cases followed by Sarpang RBP with 8 cases. Rest just has 2 to 3 cases each.

The 45 cases were contributed from 8 Dzongkhags (Paro, Punakha, Samtse, Sarpang, Pemagatshel, Trashigang, Thimphu and Wangdue) while the rest of the Dzongkhags have not reported a single case so far.

The registered cases include voluntary manslaughter, rape of a child above 12 years of age, illicit trafficking of cannabis and its derivatives, offence of substance abuse, accidental death, un-natural death, homicide, suicide, malicious mischief, public intoxication, assault, battery, burglary, larceny, harassment, missing of person, gambling, criminal nuisance and breach of public order and tranquility.

Highlighting few heinous crimes, on 13 August at around 1 PM, Thimphu police received a report from hospital stating that a 23-year-old woman had come to the emergency department with a bleeding complication.

Upon interrogation, it was learnt that the suspect gave birth to a full term baby in bathroom at her home whereby she later put the infant in a plastic and threw it in the flower garden from her veranda (balcony). She told the police that it was a still born. 

During the examination of the infant, it was found that no obvious injuries were observed other than a skull fracture. However, the examination couldn’t ascertain the mode of death. The case is under investigation.

Similarly, on 18 August, Paro police received a complaint of voluntary manslaughter at around 2:45 PM at Tshongdue town, Paro. The police was informed about the crime by officials on palace duty.

The initial incident took place after an argument broke out between the deceased and the suspect’s mother that afternoon.  

The suspect upon seeing his mother being pushed by the deceased, he (suspect) then in anger stabbed the deceased with a sickle on his head and fled the scene by crossing Paa-Chu. The deceased lied unconscious on ground due to excessive bleeding and he succumbed to injuries at an Intensive Care Unit at JDWNRH.

Police have managed to arrest the 20-year-old man (suspect) the next day (19 August) from near Paro College of Education. The suspect is from Trashiyangtse and is unemployed. He is under detention for further investigation.

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