5 candidates from Zhemgang promise to change the Dzongkhag

Zhemgang has five aspiring candidates contesting in the National Council Elections 2023. 

Sonam Leki, 43, is a teacher by profession. He has pledged to uphold the mandate of the National Council, fight for people-centric public service delivery and facilitate agriculture and tourism policy interventions.

Thinley Jamtsho is another candidate from Zhemgang, and he has 16 years of experience in the civil service, mainly as the development planner in Zhemgang which will help him formulate plans.  He pledged to uphold the Constitution with the highest level of integrity, support promotion of community-based tourism and ecotourism, and promote youth entrepreneurship, skilling, and self-employment. He would also support the development of dzongkhag, target household poverty intervention and alleviation.

42-year-old Thinley Jamtsho has a PGDPA in public administration, and he is contesting for the first time.

Tshering Yeshi is from Bjoka Gewog, and he pledges to ensure the security and safety of the nation and the transparency and accountability of elected officials. He wants to have citizen engagement in policymaking priority and due respect, make sure fair and just laws are enacted, and to eliminate policy corruption.

He wants to ensure economic prosperity by promoting regional tourism with balanced regional growth, review policies regarding reduction in unemployment and rural-urban migration issues, and ensure quality and motorable farm roads.

Samphel Dendup has a degree in Technology and Civil Engineering from Bhagwant University. He pledges to fulfil people’s aspirations and shoulder the responsibility of framing and amending laws and regulations.

His aim is towards holistic development in collaboration with the people and community to make them self-reliant and solve youth unemployment. He wants to give priority to the needs of the people and solve them accordingly, to review national policies through public consultations and motions in the house. Another promise is to develop a long-term road map and design strategic policies to reduce the rate of poverty in affected dzongkhags.

Tshering Tshomo is the only female candidate from Zhemgang and is contesting for the fourth time during the NC election. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in education from Paro College of Education.

She has addressed prevalent issues such as the cost of living, people leaving at their prime age. Numbers of tourists getting declined. Therefore, she pledges to guarantee gradual solutions to such issues. She promised to fulfill it honestly if she is elected.

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