5 entry points for regional tourists will happen but require more study: Home Minister

Five entry points for the regional tourism development will come up as pledged, however, more time is required to prepare, study and to make sure that the initiative would benefit every region without having any negative impact on country’s security said the Home Minister.

Dewathang Gomdar MP Ugyen Dorji put up questions on the matter to the Home and Cultural Affair Minister during the Q&A session in National Assembly yesterday. He informed the House that although the motion to open five entry points for the regional tourism development received majority support, however, the government has still not implemented the resolution.

In response, Home Minister, Sherab Gyeltshen, said that the work has started right away, however, the process is long due to the need of thorough study and decisions.

He said, “Taking immediate decision and doing away with it without a proper study is worrisome. We agree and accept that this is one of our pledges, whereby we have pledged to open five entry points in the country for regional tourists. Nonetheless, taking immediate decision without thinking, without proper study and without better plans can be risky.”

He said that the reason behind opening the five entry point at five different regions is to give equal opportunity in economy development, equal opportunity in benefiting each region, and with a hope to bring up all the regions without any differentiation.

For that matter, Lyonpo said, “There was the need for multiple discussions, keeping in mind the benefit of it without risking anything. We have lot to prepare and that required several discussions with different stakeholders for various security reasons.”

There are some matters that cannot be discussed done openly, he said, adding that everything has to be done carefully. The recent development of policies on tourism is one of the preparations needed for the matter.

“It is for sure that we will open as we have pledged, but it may take sometime as we have to discuss a lot of things related to it. It is true that we make good revenue out of tourism, however, we cannot risk anything by implementing it immediately without proper planning,” he added.

In addition, Lyonpo also said that integrated check posts are required, and it is bound to take more time to implement it.

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