596 drug related arrests in Thimphu in 2017

Thimphu Police registered 287 cases in 2017 in connection with abuse, possession and illegal transactions of controlled substances that led to the arrest of 596 people, the highest in recent years.

Police also seized 50,000 SP+ capsules, 2,370 tablets of N10, 72 100 ml bottles of corex and 19.95 liters of thinner were seized through the year. In addition, police also seized 1,478.21 cannabis and 1068.2 grams of hashish.

Of the total, 430 arrests, includes 26 females, were forwarded to Bhutan Narcotics Control Authority (BNCA) for treatment. The remaining 166 were detained and charged to court for trafficking controlled substances and for possession. 10 were detained for selling tobacco products.

Police also said that of the total arrests 358 were abusers and 62 detainees were aged below 25 years.

Meanwhile, Thimphu police also apprehended 15 suspects since January 1, 2018, and seized from them 1,677 capsules of SP+, 87 ½ tablets of N10, 2.18 grams of hashish and a liter of thinner. Of the 15, seven were arrested for abusing controlled substances and forwarded to BNCA for treatment

On 6 January six people were arrested of which two men, aged 35 and 34, were selling controlled substances. Police seized 41 capsules of SP+, 73 tablets of N10 and two grams of Hashish from two of them. One of the two suspects is a private employee and one is a civil servant.

The same day, police arrested four men aged between 25 to 30 years near the IMTART hospital, Thimphu, andseized 1570 capsules of SP+ and 4 ½ tablets of N10 from them.

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