6 projects with Japan

The government of Bhutan proposed assistance for six new projects to the government of Japan on August 23 during the 12th annual consultation meeting in Thimphu.

The projects are promotion of technology education and diffusion, gewog hiring services under farm mechanization program, improvement of machinery and equipment for maintenance of rural agricultural road, strengthening of medical services, restoration of bridge infrastructure damaged by flash floods and control of river bank erosion in Gyelposhing.

The consultations are a platform for the two countries to review and exchange views on ongoing, as well as future bilateral cooperation programs.

The proposed projects follow the findings of the Bhutan’s Needs Survey 2017 and priorities of the upcoming 12th FYP.

Japan’s assistance to Bhutan is in four main sectors of agriculture and rural economy development, economic infrastructure development, social development, and strengthening good governance.

Since the last Annual Consultations, from August 2016 to August 2017 alone, the government of Japan has committed a total of USD 10.8 million through various Grant Aid Project and Grass Grant Projects.

Japan’s Economic and Development Minister, Kenko Sone, said that recently they have provided the rural road construction equipment and also supported training centres for women in Thimphu. “We would like to continue this,” said Kenko Sone. He added that they will continue to support Bhutan’s development.

Japan is one of Bhutan’s main development partners. Diplomatic relations between the two countries was established in 1986.

The Japanese government, in the last period of the cooperation, committed about $11m through various Grant Aid Projects and Grassroots Grant Projects and mobilized assistance of USD 73.53 mn till date.

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