6 steps for improving Gelephu: Thrompon

Gelephu Thromde elected its new Thrompon, 41- year-old Tika Ram Kaffley on 25th January.

Tika Ram Kaffley has a degree in civil engineering and a masters in geo- technical (earthquake) engineering.

He was the executive engineer in Gelephu Thromde for the last six years where he also served as the head of Development Control and Monitoring Division, Roads and Parking Services.

How do you feel on winning the election?

Tika Ram Kaffley: I felt very honoured to get all the support from the people and thank all the people of Gelephu Thromde for believing in me. I shall strive ahead to fulfill the dreams of our beloved Kings and the wishes of the people of Gelephu Thromde.

What are the pledges that you have made for the next five years?

TRF: I have altogether six main activities that I shall be working on during my tenure for making Gelephu a better town with better welfare, comfort and convenience. Immediately after the assumption of the office, I shall work on making an additional classroom in the lower secondary school, Gelephu, where about 20 eligible pre- primary students, have been kept pending due to lack of class room.

What would be your first step towards town development?

TRF: Follow up on the pending issues will be my priority. I shall follow up on the lease rent issue where the Industrial Service Centre allocation is due.

What do you think would be the challenges that you will face as a Thrompon and how will you manage to fulfill all your pledges within 5 years of term?

TRF: There are many challenges but having worked in the same office for about 15 years, I shall strive to invite projects and other financial aids through donor agencies.  Moreover, I will assure that my pledges, which deal with the construction and development, are achieved.

As the newly elected Thrompon, what message would you like to convey to the people in the Thromde?

TRF: I finally want to convey the message that, it is not only the victory of Tika Ram Kafley, but it is the victory of all the people of Gelephu Thromde. In addition, I shall strive to render service for better welfare, better comfort and better convenience.










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