7 aspiring NC candidates want to do more for Mongar

There are 7 National Council (NC) aspirants in Mongar with Sonam Pelzom, 36, re-contesting with the pledge to safeguard the sanctity of the Constitution and uphold the Royal Vision. She pledges to harmonize the implementation of laws, continue to improve rule-making procedures, promote good law initiative, promote and protect women and child rights, and ensure a successful implementation of remaining 12th FYP development activities and 13th FYP activities.

Tshering Dorji, 36, with a Bachelors in Business Administration from Tamil Nadu has been a business man for nearly 11 years. Having contested for the 2018 National Council election, he is contesting for the second time as he wants to serve the nation. He pledged to ensure that the interests of people are represented and kept above party politics, enhance review of laws and policies in accordance with the Constitution, bring about inclusive youth and human development from the grassroots for the 21st century economy, bring in efficient public service delivery through technology driven service delivery, foster a strong economy through skills and entrepreneurial development, and bring in economic revolution through enhanced connectivity, productivity, and market reliability.

Jigme Tenzin, 58, is contesting for the first time and has been in government service for about 22 years. He believes in nation building through collaboration, inclusion, and community participation to promote and support general wellbeing of people. He pledges to better economic opportunities by reviewing government policies based on research, review existing loan policy for supporting rural economic development, and facilitate and recommend better opportunities for livelihood and employment.

Tshering Wangchen, 43, has served in the service for about 16 years and contesting for the 3rd time in the election. He is committed and pledges to ensure all legislative proposals and public policy adhere to the spirit and intent of the Constitution, assure all policies benefit from public consultations and in-depth research, prioritize national interest to prevail over any other interest, and address key national issues of our time through supporting the transformation process as soon as possible.

Dorji Wangmo, 46, is contesting for the first time in the election and has finished her education, Master of Management from University of Canberra, Australia. She has worked with Natural Resources Development Corporation Limited (NRDCL) for 21 years. With utmost sincerity and dedication, she pledges to serve and be of service by prioritizing legislations that augment peace, prosperity, and progress of nation and people, strengthen cultural and social fabric, ensure Monggar district gets the best from the 13th FYP, and revisit and readdress policies that are detrimental to people’s progress.  

Chimi Dorji, 56, finished his Masters in Business Administration from University of Canberra, Australia. He pledges to review public policy, initiate legislation, and resolve national issues, recognize, deliberate, and resolve national issues, be responsive to citizens’ need, promote balanced social-economic development, and support entrepreneurship to achieve further self-reliance and independence.

Mongar’s final candidate, Tashi Penjor, 37 finished his masters in Business Administration from Canberra, Australia. He pledges to serve the nation, and the people through policy changes and review, bring in economic development, achieving self sufficiency, promoting entrepreneurship and solving youth unemployment to stop youth from leaving the country.

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