7 nabbed with banned substances

Gelephu police have apprehended four high school students for possession of cannabis and its derivatives.

Two of the students had in their possession 56.34 grams of cannabis derivative and almost 4 kgs of marijuana leaves. The leaves were in a black plastic bag inside a school bag.

They were apprehended by the daily drug crack down team around 6:30 pm near the fuel station in Gelephu town on December 12. Police said the students tested positive for THC.

Meanwhile in Phuentsholing, police arrested two men in their 20’s, on December 12 with 350 bottles of Corex.

On the evening of  December 13, Tshimasham police arrested a 24 year old man during surprise highway checking. He was carrying 582 capsules of SP and 209 tablets of N10.


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