7 pm closure timing to continue for a while

The Foreign Minister Tandi Dorji said that there is no fixed date set for lifting the 7 pm closure rule, and the government actually plans to keep it in place for a longer duration since there are other factors, like the probable end to lock down in India, and as people are getting back to a normal routine, in terms of crowding and gathering, despite various government interventions.

Lyonpo said that many people in Bhutan are not taking COVID-19 seriously as they have not felt the devastating impact on the health of the people as compared to the other countries in the world.

He added that even after the 7 pm closure policy being introduced, the situation in the country has led people to think that they could lead lives normally like before the COVID-19.

He followed up by mentioning the sudden detection of COVID-19 positive case in Jomotsangkha, which should once again alert the people to take greater cautionary measures and follow the control interventions in place.

He concluded that all the factors will have to be taken into account, and that the 7 pm closure will be implemented until the situation is favorable to loosen up the interventions put in place.

He said given the complacency in fact tighter measures may have to be enforced.

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