70 arrested for drug-related offenses in Thimphu this year till date

Thimphu police arrested 70 people in connection with drug-related offenses. Of the total arrest (70), 42 were arrested for abusing controlled substances while the other 28 were arrested for illicit trafficking of controlled substances.

The total arrests include 9 female (6 for abusing and 3 for illicit trafficking of tobacco products). Police shared that a maximum number of abusers are youth and school going children.

In 2019, a major seizure was made on March 13 from a 32-year-old taxi driver from Jigmecholing, Sarpang. He was intercepted at Babesa expressway and the police recovered 5293 capsules of SP+, 19 tablets of N10 and 1 bottle of Codien. Police said that the drugs were concealed in the taxi boot.

In total, from the month of January to March 14, the police have seized a total of 8289 capsules of SP+ and 150 tablets of N10. The Thimphu police have also seized hashish, dried marijuana, tobacco products, thinner and cannabis from the arrested suspects and abusers.

Police said that all the abusers were forwarded to BNCA for Treatment Assessment Panel (TAP) and suspects involved in illicit trafficking will be forwarded to the court for prosecution.

Meanwhile, police also said that they have recovered a number of empty sheets of tablets (drugs) from various places.

“People take out the drugs from the sheet or files so as to make it easy for them to conceal and throw the empty sheets everywhere. We are working hard in tracking down by keeping an eye on every suspicious place,” police added.

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