8 thieves caught stealing rods

Thimphu police last week arrested eight people who were involved in stealing 25 bundles of rods from a construction site at Begana.

The incident was reported to police on 21st August 2015 by the proprietor, and it took place at around 2 AM in the morning and the thieves where arrested at a same day at around 4 AM.

There were 25 bundles of rods where each bundle consisting of 16 rods measuring 12 meters of height and the estimated value was Nu.186,000.

The proprietor of the construction site said that he was disturbed from his sleep after he heard striking sounds of the rods. Right after hearing the sound, he ran to the site where he found a bunch of people loading the rods into a Jumbo truck.

He reported to the police right after that and he started following them. “They went towards Dechenphu Lhakhang where I could spot them”, he said.

A source from Thimphu police said later when they could nab the eight accused, they raided the truck and found that, out of the 25 bundles rods, they could find only 20 bundles of rods in truck.

Police source said that, the accused have dropped the five missing rods on their way whereby they could recover only one bundle of rod with four bundles of rods still missing.

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